#29 – Fire Your Stressful Customer

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Feb 22

This note is inspired by the post of Chris Bandong today. 🙂

Should you really fire your stressful and problematic customers?

Yes… you should!

As an entrepreneur, you have to make hard decisions and that can include firing a customer.


Because maybe the relationship is not working out anymore… he is demanding things that are beyond your scope/expertise or your products/services are simply not good enough for him.

Hey, you cannot serve all customers (and you shouldn’t)!

Some customers prefer low price, others like better service, others prefer foreign brands, some like it sweet while others like it hot…

The number of customer preferences are simply unlimited and you’ll go mad going after all of them.

I remember one of our customers who was scolding our employees, threatening us, and demanding things that were quite unreasonable.

He was actually our smallest customer but the level of stress he was bringing and its impact on employee motivation was just too much!

I believe that for the relationship with our customers to work long-term, there should be MUTUAL RESPECT and APPRECIATION for each other’s value.

Without that, there’s no point having that business-customer relationship.

So instead of pushing it hard and spending all our energy in that one customer, we decided to accept the fact that he is not right for us… that he is better served by other companies.

Then, we focused all your energy to our ideal customers… those who REALLY CARE about our products/services… those who love us for who are (including our limitations) as a small business.

We felt much better and much fulfilled after that.

How about you? Have you fired a problematic customer? Tell us your experience below.

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