#28 – Ensure That Your Partner Supports You

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Feb 20

Starting a business is not a walk in the park…

You’ll have to be willing to forego the weekends, work late at nights, miss your favorite shows, etc.

It may even reach a point where you have to sacrifice time with your self and with your partner, at least during the first few months of the business.

And if you are doing this part-time while working on a day job, it’s even more challenging, isn’t it?

That’s why it’s very important that your wife/husband, girlfriend/boyfriend, or partner fully supports your dream.

After all, you are doing all these sacrifices for a brighter future for you AND for her/him.

So encourage her/him to help you with the business — in sales and marketing, in accounting, or anywhere she/he can add value to your business. A small help from her/him can do wonders for your morale.

She/He must believe in your vision and once she/he does, she/he would be willing to make the short-term sacrifices with you, to achieve long-term success.

Remember this: The last thing you want when starting a business… is a nagging partner.

The business is stressful enough and when you add a stressful relationship, that might just be too much! 🙂

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