#27 – Get A Mentor

By Admin | Jerry's Notes

Feb 17

Jerry’s Notes #27 – Get a Mentor

Yesterday was a very special day!

I’m so glad that I was reconnected with my first mentor, after not seeing her for 11 looong years!

Imagine, wala pang Facebook dito that time!

She was the one who believed in me and gave me hope that Ink All-You-Can is going to make it big. She openned opportunities for us that I thought were never possible.

I can’t really thank her enough so I got emotional upon seeing her again…

Our reunion reminded me why I’m doing Leapreneur in the first place… because 11 years ago, someone helped me when I was just starting out.

So now that I’m blessed to have learned so much in the last 11 years, why wouldn’t I share that knowledge and pay it forward?

Afterall, I was a beneficiary of mentorship and a living testimony that it makes a difference.

So no matter what stage you are in your business, make sure you have a mentor!

Who are the people that inspired you in your business and what difference did they make? Share them below and let’s spread some love. 🙂