#26 – Don’t Burn Bridges

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Feb 15

When I was resigning from my previous company to focus on my own business, I talked to my bosses and colleagues to tell them that I want to keep in touch.

I said that I may be resigning from the company but I’m always here to help in case they need someone to guide the one who replaced me or if they have questions on the projects that I handled.

In return, they also offered to help me in my business, give advice and promote it to their friends and relatives.

Guess what?

10 years after, we still meet regularly and I get helpful advice from them. But more than that, we built a true friendship that care for each other and stand the test of time.

That’s why it saddens me everytime I hear employees cut ties with their previous employers and officemates.

Or worse, they even bad mouth their previous companies as if they never benefitted from them in the hopes of getting sympathy from their new teammates.

Let me share this true story.

One of my employees pocketed cash from me few years ago and then resigned after, without ever bothering to say sorry! Then few weeks ago, he messaged me in Facebook asking if he can come back to my company.

Ha?! Anyare?

Ever heard of the famous Filipino saying, “Bilog ang mundo?”

Then please be careful. Because sometimes, the hand the YOU BIT in the past, is the same hand that YOU NEED in the future.

So if you are parting with your friends, colleagues, business partners, etc. make sure that you KEEP THE BRIDGE STRONG and very accessible.

Never ever, burn it! Besides, it’s always good to know that you have more friends and no enemies, right?

Do you agree? What’s your experience? Please share them below.

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