#24 – Why I Keep Pushing Myself

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Feb 13

Jerry’s Notes # 24 – Why I Keep Pushing Myself

**This lesson is contributed by Mark Bryan Asilo of Myne, Inc.**

Someone asked me before what keeps me going and wanting to achieve more and push myself further.

I believe that in business, you can’t really stop… the lines of personal and work becomes very very gray.

And it’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Because if you really find out early on what you wanted to do, what you are passionate about… then work won’t feel like work. You can think about it 24/7 and still get excited when you wake up.

Some might say, “Oh, so you don’t have balance and it is such a pity!”

But balance does not necessarily mean work-life ratio of 50-50. It can mean differently for different persons.

Balance for me is being able to pause everything I do at ANY TIME I want, and get to attend to a family’s event or take a much-deserved vacation, even at a moment’s notice.

Balance for me is having control of how I use my time… because time will always be my important resource.

I can buy things with money, but I CANNOT BUY MORE TIME.

And why do I keep pushing myself further?

Well, because you can’t really stop! You can’t tell a business person to relax and let go just because he is already successful.

Simple analogy is this. It is like asking a painter not to paint, a composer not to write songs, a musician not to sing…

To each his own. Everyone has a unique craft that they are willing to dedicate their entire life for it.

You just have to find yours… And once you do, you will never be the same!

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