#22 – Be Careful With Emulating Big Companies

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Feb 08

Today on our Jerry’s notes # 22 , We will be talking about emulating big companies.
What works for a big company may not necessarily work in a small company.


It’s because the dynamics between the two is very different — they face different challenges and they have different available resources.

For example, in start-up companies, decision making is fast and you have very limited resources. Meanwhile in big companies, decision takes too long because it has to be approved by different persons.

In addition, big companies also have huge resources that they can use to grow the business compared to smaller companies who are usually cash-trapped.

I remember a story that a fellow entrepreneur shared with me…

He once hired a marketing manager from a multi-national corporate to hopefully elevate their marketing strategies. Unfortunately, all the marketing manager could do was suggest print ads, TV ads, billboards, etc. which were obviously beyond his marketing budget.

So when you take the leap from employee to entrepreneur, be ready to adapt to the different environment of a small business. As one of our Leapreneurs, Lynn Ligon Libo-on said, we should learn to “uncorporate.” đŸ™‚

Do you agree with this? Please share your thoughts below.

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