#14 – Source Out Globally

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Jan 24

I’m really amazed at how connected the world is today. We used to be confined in our city, our province, and our country. But now, Sourcing out products is just a click away.

Last month, I was looking for a 10-person tent that I will use in our farm. So we eagerly waited for the Coleman Sale where we hope to grab it at a discount.

Unfortunately, they didn’t have it. They referred me to their branches and told me it would cost around 25k!

What?! 25k for a tent?!

So I went to Amazon and checked the item.

Guess what? To my surprise, it’s just around P8,000 or 1/3 the price here!

Next question, how much is the shipping? Because this tent is huge, the shipping will be very expensive, right?

Good thing, my wife found out about Shipping Cart. I believe it’s owned by LBC. They will give you a US address where they can receive the package on your behalf and then they will send it right to your doorsteps.

That’s awesome because some retailers don’t ship directly to the Philippines so you need a US address to order.

So what’s my total cost? 8k tent plus 3k shipping, or 11k in total – a whopping 50% savings!

We just ship it by sea since we were not in a hurry anyway. And yesterday, the package arrived (see the photo below)!

Want to take advantage of this? Buy unique stuff from other countries and sell them here for a huge profit, just like what other entrepreneurs are doing. It’s a simple way to earn money.

So next time that you are looking for a particular product that you want for yourself or for your business, don’t be limited by the choices available here in the country.

You might not still realize it, but you actually have the whole world at your fingertips!

Have you purchased items from other countries? What’s your experience so far?

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