#13 – Develop Your FAQs

By dickburge5273 | Jerry's Notes

Jan 23

I discovered that one of the most helpful training tools that I can give to my employees (and even for myself) is to document the FAQs or Frequently Asked Questions.

When we sell our products and services, especially if they are more than P1,000, for sure there will be questions that our potential customers will ask.

How different are you vs. product x? What is your warranty? How long have you been in business? Who can I call if I need help? Are you sure this works?

Those are just a few questions that will come up over and over again.

As entrepreneurs, we should list those questions and write down how we answer them and turn them into sales spiels. Hey, even as simple as how to greet a customer should be documented!

Providing these FAQs to your employees is like providing them with the ammunition and weapons they need when they go to war. So don’t let them go out there empty-handed!

How about you? What’s your experience? Kindly share them below.

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