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From Employee to Entrepreneur.


What is Leapreneur?

Leapreneur (from the words “Leap of Faith” to become “Entrepreneur”) is an online platform for Filipinos who want to transition from Employee to Entrepreneur.  We help you escape the rat race so you can enjoy more financial freedom and quality time with your family.

We know it’s going to be a big leap of faith so we are here to help…

Who can we help?

Employees who want to start their own business

We want to help at least 1,000 employees and OFWs to start their own business and become Certified Leapreneurs! We know that transitioning from employee to entrepreneur is a BIG STEP so you’ll need guidance.

Part-time entrepreneurs who want to grow their business

We know that being a part-time entrepreneur is NOT an easy task. Aside from your work, you have to worry about your business, your customers, your sales and marketing, your taxes, etc. Don’t worry, we’ll help you take the leap to become a full-time entrepreneur!

My Journey from Employee to Entrepreneur…

“I didn’t consider my P1 Million as losses.  Rather, they were my Tuition Fees in learning how to start a successful business.”

Jerry Ilao Founder, Leapreneur                 

 *This video is courtesy of Globe MyBusiness

“Pasasaan ba at tatamaan ko rin yan!

Jerry Ilao Founder, Leapreneur                 

Hi! My name is Jerry Ilao. Like most people, I came from a humble working class family. My mother was a teacher and my father was a government employee. When I was studying, I was told that I had to study hard so that I could get a good job with high salary.

I wanted more freedom and flexibility so I can bring my kids to school and play with them when I wanted to. I wanted to retire early, without having to worry where I will get the tuition fees for my kids. I felt the burning desire inside me to be an entrepreneur, even if nobody in our family had tried it before.

Because of this, I tried to engage in different part-time businesses while still working for P&G. I started with a boutique, moved to a mobile carwash, then after that, set up a weekend restaurant in Naga City (Bicol), my hometown. But all of those businesses closed within a year of operation, bringing with them my 4 years worth of personal savings amounting to P1M.

I was about to give up because I lost a lot already. But I knew that I had to be strong so I said to myself “Pasasan ba at tatamaan ko rin yan!”

So in 2005, I tried my luck again with my 4th venture, an ink refilling business I named Ink All-You-Can. It was during this time that I finally struck gold with business. Filipinos loved the savings and quality they got from using our products so the company quickly grew. From a home-based business, it became a full-fledged operation within just one year.

In 2007, after 2 years of doing the business part-time, I became a “certified leapreneur” when I finally took the leap of faith and resigned from my corporate job to focus on my growing business.

Ink All-You-Can was able to penetrate the key SM Supermalls such as SM Mall of Asia, SM Megamall, SM North Edsa, SM Fairview, SM Southmall, etc. offering quality inks and great service to its customers.

And as they say, the rest is history…

What they say about Leapreneur…

Karen ImperialAspiring Entrepreneur“I would like to make the shift from being an employee to becoming my own boss. With this goal in mind, I know that I need to be taught and mentored.”Jud MacabudbudPart-time Entrepreneur“I like Leapreneur because I want to have more opportunities and more time for myself and my family. I want to be able to reap what I’m working hard for.”Hansel SomeraPart-time Entrepreneur“I like Leapreneur because I want to have more opportunities and more time for myself and my family. I want to be able to reap what I’m working hard for.”Aristotle MacamFull-time Entrepreneur

“I like Leapreneur because it is for Filipino entrepreneurs by Filipinos entrepreneurs!”Kija MendozaAspiring Entrepreneur“Leapreneur is never selfish with knowledge. It shares knowledge to make other people successful.”Luitesa MonfortAspiring Entrepreneur“I’d like to learn from the experts in entrepreneurship. I like the basic tips you share and the inspiring thoughts that motivate me to go ahead and take the first few steps to start my own business.”

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